Utilisation of industrial waste

We are ready to take responsibility for our customer's waste management as a whole. This also means cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions for our by-product flows.

Recycle by-products in a safe and environmentally friendly manner

Typical fractions emerging from energy production and industry that can be utilised include e.g.

  • the bottom and fly ash from power plants,
  • steel sand, tailings, and blasting grit,
  • foundry sand and dust,
  • various types of sludge and dredging mass,
  • fibre clay and sludge, and
  • various types of coarse crushed stone.

We utilise by-products primarily in connection with our present activities, in landscaping, road, open area, and street construction, soil remediation, protection of ground water, the handling processes of waste, and in landfill construction. Some by-products can also be used as soil conditioners.

Slag gravel from bottom ash as construction material

Bottom ash that comes from burning is refined by separating for recycling the metals that it contains. After this slag gravel, which is comparable with crushed rock, is refined out of the the mineral material which replaces natural sand and crushed rock in earthworks. Slag gravel is used as construction material for many purposes.

In the production of soil cement a mixture of slag gravel and ash from the burning of biofuel is used as a substitute for cement, which reduces the carbon dioxide emissions of the construction industry. Finer slag gravel can also be used as a filling material for pipe trenches.

We are ready for the handling of even the more challenging flow of by-products and the development of its utilisation. Contact us!