Plastic recycling

Fortum provides a competitive route for the plastic recycling. We offer comprehensive solutions for refining industrial and retail plastics for reuse.

Recycle and reuse plastics through Fortum

As a raw material, recycled plastic is not only high in quality, but also cheaper and more environmentally friendly than virgin raw materials. We are an expert in material efficiency and take an end-to-end view of industrial material flows.

We receive industrial and retail plastics and separately collected plastic consumer packaging. We refine them into CIRCO recycled plastic for use as industrial raw materials as well as CIRCO plastic profiles. We also reuse waste plastics from farms as materials or energy.

Solutions for the plastic material cycle

We receive plastics collected separately from industry and the retail sector and return them into the cycle as raw materials. Prices paid for received materials are based on the grade of plastic, delivery method and volume. The better the wastes are sorted, the better they can be used.

Recycled plastic is a step towards the efficient utilisation of materials in the circular economy. Do your operations generate plastic wastes that you would like to safely recycle as materials? Contact us and we'll put our heads together to come up with the ideal solution for you!

Plastic wastes from agriculture can be easily reutilised

Fortum's pick-up service for agricultural plastics in Finland covers different kinds of agricultural packaging and protective materials, such as:

  • plastic banding for feed bales
  • plastic wraps
  • bunker silo films
  • farming films
  • canisters and
  • fertiliser bags.

Our service covers:

  • pick-up of agricultural plastics, including loading
  • transport
  • required documents
  • quality control
  • crushing and
  • transfer for use as materials or energy.

 The price of the service will be updated in January 2016.