Inspection, maintenance and cleansing services

Fortum also deals with the maintenance of systems and maintenance of transport equipment used in waste management. This ensures safety of use and extends the duration of their use.

Added value through well-maintained equipment

Having the right type of well-functioning and safe equipment is of primary importance in waste management. By servicing and inspecting them regularly, the equipment will stay in proper condition for a longer time, and will be safe for use. Fortum offers its customers different kinds of inspection, maintenance, and cleansing services which make waste management easier for customers while improving its safety.

Separator service

Regular and proactive service of separators secures the uninterrupted function of separator wells and saves costs for your company. Our maintenance service covers all actions needed for the maintenance and use of separator wells: the separator wells' surveys and inspections, measurement of the amounts of sand, water, solvent, oil, and bottom sludge, the emptying of layers, the transport of the waste, and the maintenance of documents required by the regulations.

The maintenance service is suitable for separator wells for sand, oil, fat, or detergents, for activities of all sizes from the measurement field to large industrial buildings.

Oil tank maintenance and container wash

You do take good care of your oil tanks, don't you? We offer you a comprehensive maintenance service for extensive maintenance service from the emptying and washing, through the final inspection.

Washing of containers is carried out using our own equipment and that of our partners in cooperation. Our cooperative network lets us serve our customers efficiently and flexibly also at times of peak demand.

Scheduled maintenance of IBC packages

UN-approved IBC packages for the transport of hazardous materials must be inspected at a VAK inspection institution approved by a supervisory body or a VAK periodical inspection institution at intervals of 2.5 years or less.

Our officially authorised maintenance service inspects and services IBC packages. With the help of our service you will be able to keep your container in proper shape throughout their accepted useful life.