Hazardous waste treatment

Fortum offers sustainable turnkey solutions of highest quality to treat your hazardous waste by producing clean energy and by ensuring a safe final disposal.

Taking hazardous waste out of the cycle in a sustainable manner

Fortum transports, analyses and treats hazardous waste according to each customer’s needs. We also help our customers with choosing the appropriate containers and correct labelling for their waste. We can also assist You with packaging and organize customized training for your organization.

We offer reliable, high-quality hazardous waste treatment services with our three high-temperature incineration plants in the Nordics by incinerating hazardous waste into energy. Furthermore, we support the circular economy by recovering more and more materials suitable for re-use and by detoxifying the remaining waste. Fortum also takes care of the correct final disposal for the materials that need to be taken out of the cycle.

Fortum provides a total solution that will improve your value chain with a high level of service and total risk minimization of the processing of your hazardous waste. With more than 40 years of experience in treating hazardous waste, we are your guarantee of the most expedient solutions of value to your company’s reputation. We customize each solution to your specific needs.

We offer:

  • end-to-end solutions for complex projects within the time frame your company requests,
  • on-site waste management, planning and advisory,
  • customized logistics,
  • major storage and treatment capacity,
  • high environmental and safety standards in accordance with international and national legal requirements,
  • recycling and recovery solutions for the valuable resources contained in the hazardous waste,
  • assistance with necessary documentation,
  • environmentally sound treatment that recovers maximum value and disposes of unwanted toxic components using best available techniques,
  • traceability, reporting to authorities and climate accounts, and
  • safety advisor services.

Correct transportation and packaging

Hazardous waste must be transported and stored in the correct packaging. Special rules apply to the transportation of hazardous goods. We have the packaging for all types of waste, and we are prepared to help you with the correct labelling of the waste.

We also provide safe and correct transportation. We have joined forces with approved hauliers who are specially trained for the task. All transportation complies with the provisions of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG).

Examples of hazardous waste:

  • fluorescent tubes and lamps,
  • expired or unused medicine and pharmaceutical products,
  • mercury thermometers,
  • chemicals,
  • paint, glue and varnish waste, their packaging and related equipment, tools and masses,
  • solvents, such as turpentine, paint thinner and acetone,
  • alkaline detergents,
  • used oil and oily waste,
  • pesticides,
  • refrigerators and freezers,
  • televisions, computer monitors,
  • impregnated wood, and
  • batteries.

Fortum provides physio-chemical treatment for inorganic hazardous waste, such as acids and bases. We also treat contaminated process waters at our evaporation plant. Furthermore, Fortum treats a wide range of contaminated soils in its numerous industrial waste treatment centers.