Environmental construction

We offer comprehensive services for environmental construction, as well as recycling and utilisation solutions with which our customers promote the conservation of natural resources and the implementation of prioritisation of wastes.

Sustainable solutions for different areas of environmental construction

By handling waste for re-use as material we help our customers in the reduction of their environmental load, and their costs.

Even large masses of industrial waste are utilised through processing

In our industrial waste centres, we handle and utilise, for example, wastes that are created in the processing of household waste, the waste of construction and service activities, polluted soil, industrial waste, and other wastes.

By-products into circulation in a safe and environmentally friendly manner

Typical fractions in energy production and industry with a capacity for re-use are bottom, and fly ashes, sand from ore dressing and sand blasting sands, foundry sands, various types of sludge and dredging masses, fibre clay as well as fibrous slurry and various coarse crushed materials.

We utilise by-products primarily in connection with our present activities, such as environmental construction, construction of roads, open areas, and streets, upgrading the soil, protecting ground water, waste processing, and landfill construction. Some treated by-products can also be used in soil improvement.

Spoiled ground back into use

We offer improvement services for spoiled areas both as comprehensive projects, and as partial consignments. In comprehensive projects, we are responsible for the success of the job from beginning to end on a turnkey basis. The more challenging and versatile the upgrade target is, the better we are.

Structures put into shape in diverse targets

We handle projects such as the surface structures of landfills to be decommissioned, the bottom structures of landfills, structures of open areas, pools, and noise barrier, as well as stabilisation work. In addition to contracting, we assist in project planning, surveying, setting timetables, and in structural planning. In structures we utilise materials of the customer as much as possible, and the by-products of industry and different kinds of waste materials. This helps save virgin raw materials and brings waste fractions into circulation as materials.

Getting materials from demolition and refurbishment into circulation

When Fortum handles demolition work, the customer can be sure that all demolition waste will be handled in accordance with principles of sustainable development. We handle total demolition projects, refurbishment demolition, industrial demolition and removal of harmful substances. We have available to us appropriate and efficient tools as well as sufficient resources for all demolition needs. We are able to react to changes in such a way that the further work on the site planned by the customer will not be endangered.

Cleaning water while protecting the environment

Advantages of our water processing solutions include, in addition to our expertise, the speed of the launch of the service and our ability to tailor water processing methods according to the needs of our customers. We seek to assist our customers in challenges related to handling water, including the industrial production process, protection and cleaning of ground water, the handling of trench water, the drying of sludge and other waste which contains water, and the handling of waters in landfills and waste processing areas.