We remove hazardous substances from the cycle in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Fortum has more than 40 years of relevant experience and expertise.

Fortum is the Nordic leader in waste detoxification

We at Fortum always help you to find the best and the most sustainable treatment solution for your hazardous waste. More and more resources can nowadays be recovered and reused from the process to promote the circular economy and to save natural resources. However, some hazardous compounds will still need to be removed from the cycle in order to prevent their accumulation in recycled materials. We at Fortum provide you with the most efficient detoxification solutions while taking care of the environment. Taking care of the hazardous waste issues in a responsible way enhances your company’s reputation.

High-temperature incineration

Detoxification in high-temperature incineration combined with controlled landfilling of ashes and slags ensures the best possible separation result of unwanted substances. Fortum has three high-temperature incineration plants in the Nordics. These plants for hazardous waste are located in Riihimäki (Finland), Kumla (Sweden) and Nyborg (Denmark). In these facilities, hazardous waste is incinerated into electricity and district heating for the surrounding areas.

Our major storage and treatment capacities provide our customers with flexible service at all times. Fortum’s high-temperature incineration fulfills high environmental and safety standards in accordance with international and national legal requirements. We also ensure a comprehensive traceability for our customers.

In addition to this, Fortum offers a broad range of other treatment options for hazardous waste in the Nordics. These include e.g. physio-chemical treatment, oil collection and recycling services as well as oily water storage and treatment.

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