Constructions works

We offer new, cost-effective, ecological and environmentally friendly solutions for environmental construction. Our practices ensure that, once treated, a site will not develop problems at a later stage.

Environmental construction completed in one go

Environmental construction sites include

  • field, basin and earthwork structures,
  • surface structures for closed landfills,
  • base structures for landfills, and
  • stabilisation work.

We apply our know-how and experience to finding and implementing new alternatives.

In addition to contracting, we can manage all the phases of construction from project planning, assessment and scheduling all the way to final construction planning. If necessary, we will also help with applying for an environmental permit.

Our extensive expertise and wide range of services enable the construction of the insulation and water-routing systems required for landfill structures, for example. Our services also include the construction of new infrastructures, such as roads.

Materials to circulation

We reuse the client’s materials, industrial by-products and various waste materials as extensively as possible in environmental construction. This allows us to save virgin raw materials and recycle waste fractions as material.