Fortum Recycling and Waste Solutions provides its customers with solution for recycling, recovery and final disposal, as well as soil remediation and environmental construction services.

Top services


Recycled materials

Many kinds of waste can be utilised as materials - as new raw materials. We are constantly developing our activities in such a way that an increasing proportion of the material contained in waste could be kept in circulation and utilised again and again.

Environmental construction

We offer comprehensive services for environmental construction, as well as recycling and utilisation solutions with which our customers promote the conservation of natural resources and the implementation of prioritisation of wastes.

Waste management

We want our customers' waste management to be trouble-free. If needed, we will take care of waste management, recycling, and environmental construction.

Environmental expertise

Fortum's expert services bring added value to our customers' waste management. As pioneers in the field, we offer you our powerful knowledge and experience.

Hazardous waste treatment

Fortum offers sustainable turnkey solutions of highest quality to treat your hazardous waste by producing clean energy and by ensuring a safe final disposal.

Chemical industry

Custom-designed environmental management and material efficiency solutions boost process efficiency in the chemical industry.

Construction and Demolition business

More than 95% of waste that is created at construction and demolition sites can be utilised e.g. as structural layers of landfills or as energy.

Forest industry

Fortum offers the forest industry comprehensive environmental and materials services that bring cost savings and improve the efficiency of production processes.


Fortum’s hazardous waste recycling and environmental clean-up services provide useful solutions and risk minimization for the maritime industry.

Metal industry

Supplying recycled metal, reusing metal and other cost-effective solutions to help reduce and utilise the material flows of the metal industry.

Mining industry

Innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental management and material management in the mining industry.

Oil and Gas

Fortum provides hazardous waste recycling and environmental clean-up services that help to solve oil and gas industry’s challenges and minimize risks.

Plastics industry

Fortum is a supplier of recycled raw materials and a partner in the management of all material flows. By using recycled raw materials and increasing material efficiency, sustainable profitability and cost savings are achieved.


A service concept that understands the different functions of commerce, legislation, and their changing requirements.