Aiming for zero cases of exceeding emission or discharge limits

Fortum’s objective is to ensure that its operations comply with all the requirements set for its operations by permits and permit decisions, and that emission or discharge limits are not exceeded. In order to achieve this, we monitor our operations constantly.

Fortum monitors processed waste and the operating conditions for their processing, treatment methods as well as the treatment of flue gas and contaminated waters on a daily basis. In addition, we monitor our emissions according to our certified management system and externally imposed requirements.

Environmental impacts of normal operations are monitored (including air emissions from incineration plants, wastewater, diffuse emission reports and soil reports) and they are reported continuously in damage reports and monthly reports as well as in annual environmental reports. In addition, we monitor the possible environmental impact of deviating operations, accidents and disturbances.

The state of the environment is also monitored at the local level. For example, the state of the environment around the Riihimäki production area and treatment centres is monitored annually in accordance with the monitoring programmes specified in the environmental permit for each site. According to the studies conducted in 2015, the state of the environment in the vicinity of Fortum’s operations can be stated to have remained good.