Safe for the environment

As a company building the circular economy, Fortum Waste Solutions bears its own responsibility in solving environmental problems. We are committed to zero environmental incidents and cases of exceeding emission or discharge limits.

Uncompromising work for the benefit of the environment

On a practical level, environmental responsibility means that Fortum ensures the environmental sustainability and material efficiency of its operations. On the other hand, we develop and implement high-end environmental solutions for our customers, who use our services to cope with their environmental commitments.

A national operator and a good neighbour

Our goal is to promote prioritisation in waste management. Primarily, we aim to reduce the volume of waste. From the waste stream we process, as much of the waste as possible is utilised as material. Waste that is unsuitable for reutilisation is utilised in energy production, and waste that has no reutilisation solution is disposed of safely in landfill.


Aiming for zero cases of exceeding permit limits

The environmental legislation in the Nordic countries is among the strictest in the world. Fortum operates in an open and transparent manner, at a level exceeding that required by laws and regulations.

Environmental reports of our main locations have been published in local languages. You can find them here: