Safe for people

According to our occupational safety principles, Fortum Waste Solutions is a safe workplace for everyone. Fortum Group has set a joint objective of zero accidents to everyone working for Fortum Waste Solutions.

Fortum wants to be a safe and good workplace for both its employees and partners. This requires an uncompromising attitude and caring. We are continuously working to improve safety.

We are continuously working to prevent accidents and encourage and educate our personnel to identify potential hazards. The entire personnel has been activated to operate in accordance with safety instructions and pay attention to each other’s safety.


Safety training for personnel has been implemented under the theme of caring. Genuine occupational safety is created from an individual’s spontaneous management of safety and ability to recognise the hazards and harms in their job. When the entire community understands the importance of safety, cooperation runs smoothly.

We are continuously improving occupational safety together with our partners. We arrange safety meetings and observation rounds and organise annual joint safety training. When we sign cooperation agreements, we encourage our partners to develop working methods that promote occupational health and safety.