Fire in carfluff storage at Ekokem plant under control


Fire in carfluff storage at Ekokem plant under control

On October 16, Sunday morning at around 7 am a fire started in a waste storage with rest material from recycling of cars, so called carfluff, at the Ekokem plant in Norrtorp, Kumla. The local fire brigade (Nerikes Brandkår) was called out to the plant and arrived at 07:20 and the fire was in control at approx. 08:00.  It was about 100 tonnes carfluff that was burning. Carfluff contain residues from recycled cars, including plastic parts, which is toxic to inhale if it burns. From the beginning the fire brigade urged all nearby residents to keep doors, windows and ventilation closed. They have now informed that the danger is over and the smoke is no longer a danger to local residents.

After extinguishing work is expected to continue throughout the day according to the fire department.

- The piles of carfluff forms heat, which may develop into fire. Ekokem continuously measures the temperature of this type of waste piles with cameras to avoid fires to occur, says Hanna Eriksen, environmental manager at Ekokem.

Ekokem is constantly working on improvements and changes to procedures to prevent incidents like this.

Ekokem continues the extinguishing in co-operation with the fire brigades/authorities.

For more information:

Per Jansson, Produktion Manager Ekokem AB, +46 70 375 78 98