Forest industry

Fortum offers the forest industry comprehensive environmental and materials services that bring cost savings and improve the efficiency of production processes.

The latest know-how to benefit the forest industry

Fortum offers a wide range of materials and environmental construction services to meet the needs of the forest industry. Using waste management and material circulation solutions individually tailored to each company, all the materials that are suitable for recycling can be utilised – either in the industry’s own or Fortum’s processes.

Innovative solutions help develop industrial processes, thus reducing waste and improving material efficiency. Fortum’s research and development team is always looking for better and more effective ways to direct materials into circulation, as well as identifying new flows to utilise. Fortum is familiar with forest industry legislation and the topical themes in the sector. We are involved in developing new, innovative solutions for the sector through research programmes and other initiatives.

From side-flows to cost savings

The well-planned reutilisation of material flows improves profitability by making the production process more efficient. Waste recycling significantly saves both costs and virgin natural resources.

Examples of solutions we have implemented:

  • Recyclable material, such as plastic, has been used to produce recycled products and raw materials for industry.
  • Side-flows of ash and green liquor sludge have been utilised in the paper mill’s own or Fortum’s environmental construction projects.
  • Hazardous waste has been removed from circulation by incineration.

Most significant benefits to the forest industry:

  • Cost savings
  • Reputation management
  • Process streamlining
  • Utilisation of waste and side-flows
  • Information on new regulations
  • Customer-specific sustainable solutions


  • Classifies, sorts, packs, transports, provides training on and manages the disposal of waste.
  • Analyses, optimises and separates recyclable materials from flows, directing them to reuse.
  • Participates in environmental development and construction processes by treating waters and contaminated soil and building landfills, for example.
  • We implement local service and logistics solutions as well as international treatment networks.
  • We provide solution models ranging from the recycling of an individual material to the full-scale outsourcing of waste management.

Together, we can look into the appropriate environmental and waste management solutions to create benefits and efficiency for your business. We will be happy to answer your questions!