Construction and Demolition business

More than 95% of waste that is created at construction and demolition sites can be utilised e.g. as structural layers of landfills or as energy.

One partner: Demolition, restoration, receiving waste, and recycling

Separation of waste and utilisation of materials either in the customer's or in Fortum's own processes are at the core of construction and demolition business. Thanks to innovative handling techniques, we also recycle hazardous wastes into energy and remediate contaminated soil or water.

Fortum offers an overall service solution in which a building's demolition, soil remediation, and receiving contaminated soil and putting it in to use can be handled through the same agreement. This allows us to manage timetables and risks and to intensify the use of materials better than can be done with separate contracts. The model brings significant savings in costs to the one who placed the order.

We go for environmental efficiency by using more than 95% of our construction waste in surface or bottom structures of landfills, in pool or field structures, in soil remediation, the handling of ground water, and in protective structures and landfill maintenance. We always tailor beneficial solutions on a case by case basis so that emerging construction waste could be taken into new use in the immediate vicinity of the construction site.

We substitute virgin materials, lifting the recycling rate

Typical demolition and refurbishment locations are old industrial buildings in which the materials used make it necessary to know how to both protect one's self and protect the environment. Fortum is involved in developing efficient processing and utilisation methods for construction waste. We also use subcontractors that are familiar with new, innovative solutions.

Most significant advantages for construction and demolition business:

  • A partner that deals with both demolition and renovation work and the handling of contaminated soil.
  • Management of timetables and risks and the effective utilisation of materials brings our customers considerable savings in costs.
  • We replace virgin materials in various ways such as recycling bituminous waste, roofing felt, and plasterboard.
  • We are involved in various types of research and development projects which promote the development of the entire sector, its profile, and which create a unified set of criteria.


  • Classifies, sorts, packs, transports, teaches, and deals with the responsible processing of waste.
  • Analyses, optimises, and separates recyclable materials from the flows, channelling them to recovery and re-use.
  • Takes part in environmental development and construction processes by cleaning waters, contaminated soil, and by setting up landfills.
  • We implement both local service and logistics wholes as well as international processing networks.
  • We offer a solution model from the recycling of individual materials to the full outsourcing of waste processing.