Chemical industry

Custom-designed environmental management and material efficiency solutions boost process efficiency in the chemical industry.

Sustainable profitability for the chemical industry

Fortum designs and produces environmental management and material efficiency service packages for the chemical industry. Increased material efficiency improves the environmental friendliness and cost-efficiency of operations.

Fortum’s strength lies in flexible service packages that can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual customer. Our services for the chemical industry cover everything from planning and consultancy to material flow management and waste management.

Stricter waste legislation and increasingly environmentally aware customers call for greater consideration of environmental aspects in industrial processes. Material-efficient and energy-efficient production is key to achieving a competitive advantage and maintaining the corporate image.

From extra costs to a competitive advantage

Fortum is a pioneer in building a circulation economy society in which materials circulate as long as possible. This approach is reflected in industrial material planning. The generation of waste is inevitable in the chemical industry, but, if properly implemented, environmental management and material efficiency services can help achieve a significant competitive advantage.

Partnering with the pharmaceutical industry

Fortum has extensive experience in acting as a partner for the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to our industry knowledge and long-term partnerships, our end-to-end service solutions are fine-tuned to comprehensively cover all the needs of your company.

Practically all waste is utilised as material or energy. Fortum handles the collection and disposal of hazardous waste. Our strengths include knowledge of environmental regulations and the necessary permits, as well as comprehensive reporting systems.

Benefits to the chemical industry:

  • cost savings and material efficiency
  • competitive products and services
  • competitive advantage and maintaining the corporate image
  • individual and effective solutions


  • Classifies, sorts, packs, transports, provides training on and manages the disposal of waste responsibly.
  • Analyses, optimises and separates recyclable materials from flows, directing them to reuse.
  • Participates in environmental development and construction processes by treating waters and contaminated soil and building landfills, for example.
  • We implement local service and logistics solutions as well as international treatment networks.
  • We provide solution models ranging from the recycling of an individual material to the full-scale outsourcing of waste management.