The first Plastic Refinery in the Nordics produces high-quality recycled materials for industry

At Fortum's Plastic Refinery in Riihimäki, plastic separated from mixed waste and separately collected from consumers and the agricultural and retail sectors is refined for reuse by industry.

Fortum is a strong expert in material efficiency that provides customisable recycled materials for the needs of the plastics industry. CIRCO recycled plastic yields a competitive advantage in the form of both material savings and added value for the end product.

Fortum's Plastic Refinery produces high-quality CIRCO recycled raw materials from plastic waste for the needs of industry. The Plastic Refinery is one of Fortum's concrete steps towards the circular economy, a society where materials circulate as long as they have value. The Plastic Refinery improves efficiency in the use of natural resources and material recycling.

At the annual level, the Plastic Refinery of the Circular Economy Village processes about 20,000 tonnes of plastic waste collected from industry, households and the retail sector. In Finland, Fortum's Plastic Refinery is the only facility that also processes plastic separated from mixed consumer wastes.

New technology guarantees high-quality raw materials

Riihimäki is introducing a state-of-the-art recycling technique that enables the clean extraction of PE, PP and PET plastics separately from mixed plastic wastes. The separated components are crushed into smaller pieces, washed with water, dried and further processed into granulates. Furthermore, we use recycled plastics to make not only recycled raw materials and granulates for the plastics industry, but also ready-for-use CIRCO plastic profiles.