Sponsor cooperation

Responsible sponsorship activities.

Fortum Waste Solutions wants to promote sustainable development through environmental awareness. We seek to cooperate with partners whose activities are considered to have the greatest impact. In recent years, we have been cooperating on environmental awareness projects with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC).

Fortum Waste Solutions wishes to bring well-being to its sites.Fortum Waste Solutions takes part in the activities of local communities by supporting the environmental education of children, the voluntary helping of families with children, and local sports, nature conservation and culture. Ekokem does not support, directly or indirectly, political activities, professional sports or activities that would cause harm to the environment.

Fortum Waste Solutions also attempts to seek and create non-financial forms of cooperation with local communities.

Partners in Finland in 2016

  • Finnish Association for Nature Conservation,
  • Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Southwest Finland and the local association in Halikko,
  • Plan Finland Organisation.

“The environmental education work for children and youth is an essential part of the comprehensive national work carried out by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. Building a lifelong relationship with nature starts early in the childhood through positive and exciting activities in nature. At Ekokem, the importance of environmental education has been understood very well. The company has provided the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation with the financial means to carry out memorable Fairytale Path events of which hundreds of families have enjoyed so far. During the last years, Ekokem has become an important partner for FANC. In addition to the Fairytale Path concept, Ekokem’s support has allowed to raise awareness about the Finnish Nature Day.”

-Pirjo Itkonen, Corporate Fundraising, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation

Partners in Sweden in 2016

  • Svansjön Tysslingen, support for biological diversity,
  • Kumla golfclub,
  • Yxhults If girls football,
  • Almby IK orienteering,
  • Örebro Hockey icehocke,
  • Konst på Hög Kumla kommun, art exhibition,
  • Kumladagarna, activity day in Kumla, and
  • Örn 72-projektet, clean food for birds.

Partners in Denmark in 2016

  • Nyborg Castle and the efforts to list Nyborg Castle as a UNESCO World Heritage Site,
  • Annual charity event Danmarks Indsamling, where money is collected for various charity efforts,
  • Danish waste management and resource sector organisation DAKOFA.
  • The Danish Society for Nature Conservation (DN),
  • amateur handball team Nyborg GIF Håndbold,
  • partner of SUS Nyborg Håndbold handball forum,
  • St. Knud’s Golf Club.